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Welcome to The Intrapreneur’s Secret

Like Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs are problem solvers able to set up their own projects and work with a passion to see their goals come true. The difference is that they may be doing this from within someone else’s organization. Many intrapreneurs go on to start their own companies just as you’ll hear from our guests on the podcast. The most important thing you’ll get from tuning in is the mindsets, systems and experiences they’ll share on what makes them productive and successful! We will be covering various topics from the sales mindset, and leading effective teams to stress management, and work and family balance.

In this episode, we dive into the routines and habits that some intrapreneurs use when they wake up or before they go to sleep. We discuss a few habits you can use that could increase your focus, improve your sleep, and improve your effectiveness.

We had a great time interviewing Dustin Joost head of Sales and Marketing YourCause. This phenomenal company brings donations from large companies like AT&T to non profits that apply for sponsorships and funding.

In 2014, Your Cause received $4,000,000 in funding. In 2015, its ranked the no. 927th fastest growing company in the US as featured in INC 5,000.

Dustin Joost is the Sales and Marketing Director at Your Cause. He was the #17 employee hired and now the company has over 100 employees. Outside of YourCause, Dustin is also the VP of Marketing and Communication for the Alumni Network of University of North Texas’s Professional Leadership Program. He mentors and connects professionals across the DFW metroplex.

For all aspiring intrapreneur’s Dustin started at the company in its early stages. As he say’s “Its a different mentality you need to have if your job as sales is to bring in the money to take care of the company’s paychecks!

Listen in on this episode and, enjoy what Dustin has to say, and find something to takeaway to improve your life.

Connect with Dustin and Your Cause:

Website: yourcause.com

Facebook: facebook.com/YourCause/

Twitter: @dustinjoost

Instagram: @djoost

LinkedIn: www.dustinjoost.com


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