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In this episode, we dive into the aspects of communities that drive them forward and which empower them to have a beneficial effect on their members. We discuss a few aspects of what makes a community or organization you can incorporate that could increase its awareness and effectiveness.

We interviewed Max Lowenstein and Liz Kong, professional AcroYoga teachers, dieticians, and traveling acrobats.

Max & Liz Acro uses yoga and asana as tools for delving deeper into oneself and transcending the physical body. As an extension of this, they use Acroyoga to build deep connections, trust, and community. This helps students tune into the energy and flow of life and others. Max and Liz bring an intense passion that stems from their desire to reveal everyone’s interconnectedness. They never compromises safety, encouraging students to respect their boundaries by listening to their bodies. This ultimately creates a safe environment where students (Max and Liz included) can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Max and Liz discuss with us some of their experiences growing the Dallas AcroYoga community and how they have inspired others through their leadership and AcroYoga practice.

Listen in on this episode and, enjoy what Max and Liz have to say, and find something to takeaway to make your life inspirational.

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