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In this episode, we dive into the aspects of getting group buy in and keeping members invigorated. We discuss a few aspects of what help a community or organization buy into an idea you can incorporate that could increase your awareness and effectiveness.

We interviewed Jerome Larez, art instructor at Williams Preparatory and Co-Founder of the Arttitude Movement & Organization.

Jerome Larez is the one of the founding members of Arttitude, a non-profit celebrating and empowering the rich diversity of our shared human experience through unique art experiences. Prior to joining Arttitude, Jerome founded Hope Is Never Silent and taught art in Dallas. A graduate from Texas Tech University School of Art, Jerome has taught art and curated numerous art exhibits throughout Texas devoting special attention to issues from the LBGTQ community.

Listen in on this episode and let what Jerome has to say sink in, and find something to get you to buy into improving your group’s message.

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