In this episode, we discuss ways to make work more enjoyable for you and your team that some intrapreneurs have which empower them to approach situations in an effective manner. We discuss a few aspects of mindsets and physiology you can incorporate that could increase your fun, reduce your stress, or lead your team.

We interviewed James Bowie Wilson, the Team Lead for the mobile game Roll Play. James is a game designer from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he double-majored in Interactive Media and Sociology. He’s been lucky enough to work with Google’s Khaled Abdul Rahman and to learn from Tomb Raider’s Joseph Olin, League of Legends’ Paul Bellezza, and Team Fortress 2’s Moby Francke.

Listen in on this episode, deepen your daily focus, and enjoy what Scott has to say, and find something to takeaway to see how your life gets more awesome.

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