Mel Roberson Interview

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In this episode, we explore the mindsets that some intrapreneurs have which empower them to approach situations in an effective manner. We discuss a few aspects of mindsets you can incorporate that could increase your power, reduce your stress, or lead your team.

We interviewed Mel Roberson, Professional Actor, Author of 31 Amazing Life Lessons of Joshua Stokes, Personal Development Coach, and Network Marketing Superstar with LegalShield.

From working with individuals, all the way to large companies, Mel is one of the most dynamic speakers you will find in the marketplace.  He has spoken in front of audiences as large of 15,000.  Mel is a student of leadership, goal setting, and personal/professional growth.

Mel Roberson will have a part on an episode of NBC’s Chicago PD in February and also in an episode of the hit show Empire.

31 Amazing Life Lessons of Joshua Stokes is a self-help narrative that takes the reader on an inspiring journey with several intriguing characters

Mel discusses with us some of the tools and resources he used to set effective goals, expose himself to new ideas, and get his life to be “absolutely amazing”.

Listen in on this episode and, enjoy what Mel has to say, and find something to takeaway to make your life “amazing”.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Goal Setting Seminar: 7 Steps to Successful Goal Setting


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