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Welcome to The Intrapreneur’s Secret

Like Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs are problem solvers able to set up their own projects and work with a passion to see their goals come true. The difference is that they may be doing this from within someone else’s organization. Many intrapreneurs go on to start their own companies just as you’ll hear from our guests on the podcast. The most important thing you’ll get from tuning in is the mindsets, systems and experiences they’ll share on what makes them productive and successful! We will be covering various topics from the sales mindset, and leading effective teams to stress management, and work and family balance.

In this episode, we touch on the changes in the nature of work over the past century along with the differences in motivations of employees along that time period.

Bruce Bradford is the President of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, an influential organization spurring on growth in the Dallas area.

Listen in on this episode and, learn about the numerous changes within Dallas, and find out what great things are coming to the city.


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